1 March 2023

The Sisterhood editorial represents a celebration of sisterly love and the female community at the core of END..

Integral to END.’s womenswear community are the sisters at its beating heart — individuals who share not just familial ties, but also a deep appreciation for the varied culture that’s connected to the world of fashion.

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, END. visited sisters in and around our home city of Newcastle upon Tyne, shining a light on the female community at the core of the END. Women’s.

We joined each set of sisters in their favourite locations to relax and spend quality time together, whether that be at home listening to their record collection or enjoying an ice cream on a coastal day out.

In addition to celebrating sisterly love and the unbreakable bond it forms, the END. Sisterhood editorial also shines a light on the varied styling at the core of END.’s discerning female community, spotlighting brands ranging from Copenhagen-based GANNI to the Italian luxury house Marni.