Nike x Pigalle - Register Now on END. Launches

Reimagining sportswear from an alternative sartorial perspective, Nike and Pigalle prove "the power of sport to move the world."

Nike x Pigalle NRG Track Jacket - CI9947-060
Nike x Pigalle NRG Hoody - CI9953-063
Nike x Pigalle NRG Short - CI9952-335
Nike x Pigalle NRG Hoody - CI9953-335
Nike x Pigalle Reversible NRG Vest - CI9951-547
Nike x Pigalle NRG Short - CI9952-063
Nike x Pigalle NRG Jacket - CI9955-078

Believing in “the power of sport to move the world forward”, Nike and Pigalle are back collaborating again, this time presenting a ‘90s-inspired capsule to coincide with the opening of two more community courts in Bejing and Mexico City.

Celebrating the community aspect of sporting enterprises, the American sportswear legends and the Parisian streetwear icons have teamed up to deliver the perfect emblematic offering that distils the essence of sporting passion into a functional but future-facing capsule. Reimagining athletic staples such as basketball shorts, hooded sweats, coach jackets and mesh vests, Pigalle and Nike opt to deliver a fresh perspective on sportswear through a distinctive sartorial lens. Intricately detailed with co-branding throughout, Nike and Pigalle showcase a shared vision of inclusive, community activity with a defined stylistic approach to match.

The Nike x Pigalle capsule is available for registration online now via END. Launches.