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The German sportswear stalwarts share a premium performance sneaker with reflective properties.

adidas X9000 4D - FW7091
adidas X9000 4D - FW7091
adidas X9000 4D - FW7091

Although adidas’ 4D midsole has been around for a few years now, it still offers an aesthetic that feels inherently futuristic. This season, it finds a new home in the X9000 4D.

The Primeknit uppers take on an equally futuristic grey hue on this pair, while reflective details and a metallic orange heel clip ensure you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Despite its stealthy black hue, the star of the show is still the digitally printed midsole. Built with a lattice pattern that is informed by years of athlete gathered data to provide cushioning and support in equal measure.

The adidas X9000 4D is available for registration online now via END. Launches.

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