ALÉMAIS has remained the gold standard of luxury looks since Lesleigh Jermanus founded the label back in 2020 - so why not check out the latest pieces here at END.? The Australian-based brand draws on the Lebanese heritage of its creative director to deliver the vibrant prints that embellish everything from scarves to casual shorts. But its fashionable aesthetic doesn’t come at the expense of sustainability, and a respect for traditional craftsmanship and techniques. In fact, you’ll find that ALÉMAIS has its own Ethical Sourcing Agreement - and also supports a wide range of artisan groups across India and Africa with intricate detailing. It’s a commitment reflected through dresses, maxi skirts and casual trousers alike, with their bold patterns and expertly tailored luxurious fabrics. Accessorising? ALÉMAIS womenswear has you covered there too. Earrings and scarves are the perfect way to infuse the label’s vibrant attitude into your everyday looks. All in all, ALÉMAIS is the place to be - whatever the season or occasion. Don’t worry, you can thank us later. 

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