KITRI Womens

Tired of not being able to find well-made hero pieces that don’t break the bank? So was Haeni Kim when she founded KITRI womenswear - a.k.a your wardrobe's new best friend - back in 2017. Offering “limited runs and endless complements' ', KITRI for women draws on its founder's experience within the arts to create fresh statements each month. Even more reason to make sure they’re always on your radar. From cardigans and casual trousers, to shirts and sweaters, you’ll find plenty of KITRI classics to elevate your wardrobe here at END. Not sure you see yourself in KITRI? Listen to founder Haeni Kim, who says that the KITRI woman is “strong, professional [and] leading their way in industry.” Pick up a mini skirt or vest if that sounds like you! Oh, and one last thing. You’re probably wondering where that name comes from. Nodding to her dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer, KITRI refers to Kim’s favorite female role from 'Don Quixote.' Pretty impressive, if you ask us.

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