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Timberland was born out of hard work and a love of the outdoors. You’ll find passion embedded across products in this men’s Timberland UK sale. The brand is famous for its durable footwear, designed to provide long-lasting comfort and style. Many of the Timberland work boots come specially built to reduce foot fatigue and help with body balance. This makes them perfect for long days spent on your feet, whether that’s at work or exploring the outdoors.

The label’s journey began with Nathan Swartz, a shoe-making apprentice. Swartz worked his way up and eventually bought Abington Shoe Company, moving the business to Newmarket in New Hampshire. The area is known for its extreme terrains and weather - from thick forests to rocky mountains, rain, blizzards and scorching summers. To withstand all these elements, Swartz built the original yellow Timberland boot. The boot became popular with trade workers and adventurers. It was such a hit the company eventually changed its name to Timberland.

The all-encompassing attitude behind these boots has stuck with the brand ever since, found throughout Timberland shoes, clothing and accessory collections. Durable boots and canvas trousers suit a range of scenes, from factory floors and city streets to forest walks. While work boots are the backbone of the brand, durable jackets, cosy hoodies and sustainably crafted bags solidify Timberland’s hard working, nature loving character.

Here you’ll find great deals on selected sale Timberland products. Wherever you’re going, whatever the weather, Timberland is with you every step of the way.

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