Barbour Womens

When it comes to Barbour women’s, two words spring to mind; luxury and lifestyle. However, it wasn't always the case - let's take it back to South Shields, 1894...

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Barbour Tobymory Short Quilted JacketBlack & Ancient
Barbour Beadnell Wax JacketBark
Barbour Catton Wax JacketSage & Ancient
Barbour Classic Beadnell Wax JacketOlive
Barbour Annandale Quilted JacketOlive
Barbour Kintra Fleece LinerOlive & Ancient Tartan
Barbour House Of Hackney Handley Wax JacketOlive, Equus & Cocoa
Barbour International Bouleward Fleece TopJasmine
Barbour Catton Wax JacketBlack & Sage Tartan
Barbour Classic Beadnell Wax JacketSage
Barbour Printed Townfield Longline Wax CoatBlack & Sage Tartan
Barbour Beadnell Wax JacketBlack
Barbour House Of Hackney Petiver Wax JacketOlive, Equus & Cocoa
Barbour Hailes Tartan ScarfAncient Tartan
Barbour International Boston Fleece TopBlack
Barbour Bede Wellie BootsOlive
Barbour Hailes Tartan ScarfClassic Tartan
Barbour International Melbourne Knitted JumperEnvy
Barbour International Melbourne Knitted JumperBlack
Barbour Gunnerside Wax JacketSage & Ancient
Barbour International Parson High Leg BootsBlack
Barbour Hartley Knitted JumperPumpkin
Barbour Gunnerside Wax JacketBlack & Sage Tartan
Barbour Lichen Quilt Fleece CoatLight Trench
Barbour Tobymory Short Quilted JacketOlive & Classic
Barbour International Reversible Montreal CoatBlack & Black
Barbour Beadnell Wax JacketNavy
Barbour Markenfield Quilt LinerOlive & Natural
Barbour Premium Catton Wax JacketTan & Dark Classic
Barbour Bede Wellie BootsBlack
Barbour International Chicane Ankle BootsBlack
Barbour Ryhope Quilted JacketCadet Green & Ancient Brown
Barbour International Thruxton JacketMidnight Green
Barbour Bearden Long Wax JacketArchive Olive & Ancient Brown
Barbour International Vetel Fleece Pull OverNatural
Barbour House Of Hackney Gransden Reversible QuiltOlive, Equus & Cocoa
Barbour Long Cavalry Quilt JacketOlive & Ancient Brown
Barbour Otterburn Logo SweaterCloud
Barbour International Crossfields Long JacketBlack
Barbour International Jensons CardiganMidnight Green
Barbour Premium Beadnell Wax JacketArchive Olive & Ancient Brown
Barbour International Chicane Quilted BackpackBlack
Barbour Ryhope Quilted JacketWarm Tan & Muted
Barbour International Monaco Cargo TrousersMidnight Green
Barbour Garnock Showerproof JacketBrown, Army & Ancient
Barbour Campbell JacketArmy & Ancient Brown
Barbour Annandale Quilted JacketBlack
Barbour Hip FlaskClassic Dark Brown
Barbour Belford Puffer CoatDijon, Mahogany & Ancient
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Barbour Amberley Hooded Fleece JacketAran
35% off
Barbour Ellison Rugby TopNavy Stripe
50% off
Barbour Wellington Knee SockNavy
35% off
Barbour Northumberland Logo SweatGlade Green
30% off
Barbour Northumberland Logo Raglan T-ShirtWhite
25% off
Barbour Tartan Wax Dog CoatClassic Tartan
Barbour Quilted Dog CoatPink