Escentric Molecules Escentric 04 Refill30ml

Included in Black Friday promotion

A scent that’s perfect for summer, this luggage-friendly version of Escentric 04 is ideal when packing light. The sibling to Molecule 04, Escentric 04 pairs the same soft woody notes of Javanol with all the Escentric Molecules relatives: the Iso E Super from 01, the abroxan from 02 and the vetiver from number 03. Adding a slightly sweeter sandalwood molecule to Escentric 04, five years of development has created a truly unique scent that you’ll want with you wherever you go.

  • 30ml Refill
  • Ingredients: Javanol
  • Notes Include: Wood, Grapefruit, Iso E Super, Abroxan & Veviter
  • Made in England

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