Thom Browne Womens

Simple, elegant, iconic. Thom Browne is renowned for its minimalistic style as its collections went from formal to essential. What began as five  humble suits then evolved into a full ready-to-wear collection that had one common feature, four white stripes Tees and shirts have become everyday staples with the brand’s uniform-inspired style as the brand can create a sense of uniformity through an outfit.

A brand without a logo, Thom Browne has become instantly recognisable by the stripes. Normally on the arm or the leg, as though a badge of a uniform, the brand’s collections have included this detail since 2007.  As a boy Thom Browne was interested in the suits that his father wore and how lots of men tended to wear similar styles - this notion of ‘uniformity’ inspired him to create his own namesake brand.

What began as only a collection of five became a worldwide phenomenon of collections, installations and runways - completely reinventing the notion of classic tailoring. Designed for the modern woman, the two-pieces, blazers and day dresses are designed with versatility in mind. In 2016, in a collection like no other, a small Daschund - Hector - was brought to the limelight after Thom Browne took inspiration from his dog and since then with each passing season there has been a new quirky companion to grace the collection. From hippos to elephants to lobsters, these fashion friends have featured on T-shirts, handbags, purses and knitwear. What animal will this season be?

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