Maison Margiela Womens

Fashion is an artistic expression, right!? And there’s no other that does it as daring and ambiguous than French label Maison Margiela.  You’ll see for yourself in END.’s women’s collection with garments like its glam slam coat, boxy numbers tee and replica sneakers. All to be finished off its iconic fragrances like ‘Jazz Club’ and ‘Whispers in the Library’.  

The avant-garde label was founded in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela, and was quick to spring out of fashion's glossy norms. First noticed for its unorthodox design technique, from deconstructed garments to out-there silhouettes, the brand instantly stood out amongst a crowded industry. Now helmed by John Galliano since 2014, the British creative director brings his extravagant vision to the couture fashion house and continues to push the boundaries of fashion today. 

The eponymous label showcases a range of different lines, from Maison Margiela women’s clothing, to menswear, fragrances, small leather goods and more. Famous designs include its Tabi toe boot, which is inspired by 15th century Japan, where wooden platform sandals with a strap between the toe were the footwear of choice.

The silhouette made its runway debut in Margiela’s SS89 runway show and the pair is still a fan-favorite today. You might have also seen a signature run of numbers that’s detailed on each of the garments labels? Well this is another notable design feature that sets the brand apart from the rest. Explore the range of Maison Margiela women's range in our collection at END.

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