Anni Lu

Take a leap into the world of jewellery with Scandinavian label Anni Lu. Founded by creative director and designer Helle Vestergaard Poulsen in 2013, the Anni Lu jewellery brand name is inspired by Helle’s two most important people in her life, her late mother Anni and her daughter Luella. 

Although Danish-born, the Anni Lu brand inspires a sense of creation, encouraging expression whether at home or through the streets of Copenhagen - all complemented by the designer's signature seed pearl charm.

Poulsen is no stranger to the fashion realm; she previously worked for various Danish fashion magazines while also making bracelets from her Copenhagen apartment, prompting her dream of creating affordable luxury jewellery. Fast-forward to today, and the Anni Lu label is worn and loved by celebrities, royals, and Instagram influencers alike. Taking the jewellery sector by storm (or coastal sandy beaches) ever since, the brand is now best known for its delicate hand-made pieces that attain serious Scandi-cool status, transporting you to sun-soaked beaches and tropical destinations worldwide. 

Discover at END. the eclectic array of vibrant, delicately bohemian, and playful designs, from coordinated sets to tropical-inspired rainbows of beads and baroque-style pearls, mirroring her love of travelling and free-spirited energy. The Anni Lu bracelet selection has been a continuous firm favourite of ours here at END. 

Within every artisanal piece, feel the sand between your fingers and toes and jet-set off to new coastal destinations with Anni-lu’s youthful, colourful, and charming designs.

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