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Valentino was founded in 1960 by Valentino Garvani and became the creator of international fashion, creating an evolution of fashion and playing a major role in luxury fashion. After completing training at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Valentino returned to Italy's capital to launch his eponymous label, creating menswear collections that impress. This then grew to a worldwide label that dressed Hollywood’s most glamorous people. A strike of elegance in a modern world, simply stupenda!

The Rockstud is the easiest way to identify Valentino fashion. For almost 15 years it has features throughout the collections and is meant to represent the “bugnatos” that can be seen on buildings in Rome - the base of the creative direction. As well as the Rockstud something else is a big indicator of the brand, pink. All things pink from shirts to bags to even footwear! The point of the pink is to bring a liberation from the need of realism in your wardrobe.

Here at END. our Valentino menswear collection can take you from day to night through a vast array of its finest pieces. From branded hoodies and sweats for more lazy days, to rockstud shirts and formal trousers, END. has everything a man could need in his wardrobe. As the Rockrunner sneakers become as much a brand signature as the Rockstud, we continue to showcase all colours and styles of the runner shoe. Perfect for your next vacation ins the sun, our Valentino sliders are built for the poolside.

Look closely through our Valentino collection to see the iconic Rockstud features throughout the styles, the most subtle way to sign off any look. The Valentino fashion world continues to expand and explore its creative direction with extravagant styles and wardrobe staples. Elevate your everyday and formal attire with our menswear collection full of its most iconic pieces.

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