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There’s opulence and then there’s Versace. Versace began as a namesake boutique in 1978 by Gianni Versace. He was iconic for a bold aesthetic and being the mentor of a ‘more is more’ way of thinking. After his sister, Donatella took over in 1997, the brand continued to be the powerhouse of extravagance by creating ready-to-wear collections with everything from underwear to signature goddess dresses. The house continues to bring the hedonistic style of the 90s to your looks with pieces inspired by art and history as Creative Director, Anthony Vaccarello continues a fascination of propelling history into the future of fashion under the gaze of Donatella.

Versace’s Baroque pattern began in the 80s and turned the Italian artistic tradition into wild pop art that features now in the vacation shorts and shirts. However the Medusa branding is the main attraction when it comes to the house. Inspired by the ruins of Reggio Calabria where the Versace children played. The Greca pattern weaves through the underwear collections and along the trims of shirts as a celebration of “Magna Graecia” - great Greece.

Ready-to-wear collections full of bold graphic styles and intricate classic motifs bring out the power and sophistication through patterns and high-quality materials. Statement gold necklaces that are engraved with Medusa and historical influences. The Italian fashion house aims to dress you from head to toe in lavish designs from jewellery, hats, eyewear and shoes - particularly the heels. 

“I love you but I’ve chosen Versace.”

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