Comme des Garçons Play Womens

From social media to celebs, COMME des GARÇONS (CDG) PLAY shows no signs of slowing down - so put the fun back into fashion and get your hands on the latest releases at END. Launched in 2002, the French-Japanese expansion to Rei Kawakubo’s ever growing CDG umbrella quickly gained a loyal following of fans - us included! It’s largely thanks to Filip Pagowski’s PLAYful design codes, which resulted in the iconic bug-eyed mascot that’s come to symbolise the brand today on tees and hoodies. And while you might’ve clocked the name from Rina Sawayama’s 2020 tune “Comme des garçons” (“Like the Boys”) - Kawakubo’s inspiration actually goes way back. All the way to 1962 in fact, where Françoise Hardy’s 1962 track “Tous les garçons et les filles” (“All the boys and girls”) provided the inspiration for the CDG umbrella. And it’s a name that reflects PLAY’s apparel: designing for men, women and children - so everyone can feel like part of the club. Speaking streetwear as its primary language, CDG PLAY’s range of tees, sweats and jackets at END. are absolutely unmistakable… but we can’t forget the brand’s first 2009 collaboration with Converse! First stepping onto the scene with Converse x COMME des GARÇONS PLAY Chuck 70 - and later One Star - these playful, Pagowski-infused designs have become a mainstay for both brands, with replenishing trends becoming a must-have drop in any sneakerhead’s calendar. Youthful, seasonless and most importantly, fun, CDG PLAY is an essential name in wardrobe. So if you have heart eyes for it too, then shop COMME des GARÇONS PLAY at END. 

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