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Y-3 Runner 4-D - Register Now on END. Launches

6 December 2019

Fusing forward-thinking design and functionality, the Y-3 Runner 4-D exhibits Yohji Yamamoto's aesthetic prowess.

Y-3 Runner 4-D - EF2620
Y-3 Runner 4-D - EF2620
Y-3 Runner 4-D - EF2620
Y-3 Runner 4-D - EF2620

Boasting adidas' signature future-facing technology, the Y-3 Runner 4-D sneaker combines Yohji Yamamoto's avant-garde aesthetic with the cutting edge athletic capabilities of Germany's premier sportswear brand. Dressed in a slick black colourway, the 4-D resin cast midsole is delivered in its signature mint green colouration.

Constructed with primeknit uppers and with embroidered branding to the eyestay, leather trim completes the luxurious, sportswear look. The perfect way to introduce an element of Yamamoto's classic visual sensibility to your rotation without sacrificing street readiness, the Y-3 Runner 4-D is the perfect amalgam of practicality and style.

The Y-3 Runner 4-D sneaker is available for registration online now at END. Launches.

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