Just in time for the much publicised second cold snap, we have just received a distinctly Wintery restock from our very own local hero, Nigel Cabourn. Incorporating some of the best pieces from Authentic, Vintage and the Japanese made Mainline ranges, we have an incredible selection of knitwear, sweaters and of course jackets, that will keep you warm, dry whilst ensuring you still look at your best.

Old favourites such as the Mallory, Cameraman and Notch Vest are joined by the likes of the Kagool Parka, Storm Parka and Donkey Jacket. Their are some cracking nautical pieces from the ‘Saving Britain’ collection, such as the DB Duffle Coat, and some of the finest Scottish-made knitwear about to boot.

As per usual Mr. Cabourn has not disappointed, there are some outstanding pieces, each one expertly made and incredibly researched. If you’re looking for a Winter staple, you’d be hard pushed to find something better than this…