Scandinavian simplicity meets German athleticism.

Global sports brand PUMA enlists high-end Danish streetwear outfit, Han Kjøbenhavn, as their new collaborative partner for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Simplicity and functionality are synonymous with the Scandinavian sensibility, key characteristics which have seen the international demand for Nordic design skyrocket in the last few decades.

Han Kjøbenhavn takes these fundamental tenets of Scandinavian design and elevates them with masterful use of colour, form, and shape. Founder and creative director Jannik Davidsen innovates streetwear essentials with contemporary expression and a fondness for his local stomping ground of Copenhagen, Denmark. For this collection, he channelled upbringing, local sports, and suburban architecture for inspiration.

The apparel is constructed in an unexpected material mix, such as rayon, jersey, and twill. Footwear serves up bright muted colours that are simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. Finally, light, checkered wool pays homage to the iconic trench coats worn at the local football stadiums.

PUMA and Han Kjøbenhavn combined PUMA’s extensive archive with progressive styles this season, seamlessly fusing sport and fashion.

The collaboration is now available at END.

writerEuan Smart