Vans Vault & Wacko Maria Use Music To Trigger Their Imaginations

Celebrating the second drop of their collaborative offering, Vans Vault tap Wacko Maria to dive into the world of rare vinyl.

Following on from their first drop earlier this year, Vans Vault and Wacko Maria prep from their latest collaborative offering. Capitalising on their authentic love for music and collector culture, the two labels are united by this shared passion.
Centring around the philosophy that "music is the trigger of imaginations", Wacko Maria was formed by co-founders and friends Nobuhiro Mori and Keiji Ishizuka. Focussed on presenting high quality garments made with exceptional fabrics and craftsmanship, the Tokyo-based label combine their immense passion for the world of audio with a distinctive stylistic approach.
Featuring a pattern born from the influence of music on their labels, the Wacko Maria and Vans Vault capsule sees the Japanese brand's record motif embellished with the iconic Vans checkerboard pattern. Displayed across a trio of the OG Classic Slip-On LX sneakers and a trio of Wacko Maria's trademark Woven Shirt, this emblem epitomises the two label's shared ideals and vision.