Needles Push the Boundaries of Design and Casual Apparel for AW19

Offering up their signature take on Americana, Needles apply their unique cut & sew techniques with aplomb.

A bastion of Japanese menswear since its inception in 1988, Keizo Shimizu's Needles boasts a hybrid style that spans Americana, vintage sportswear and avant-garde cut & sew, distilling a central aesthetic language that pushes the boundaries of experimental design and casual apparel.

Louche and relaxed, the effortless cool and nonchalance that the Nepenthes-owned brand epitomises has seen the label develop an adoring cult fanbase over the course of its lifespan, with the Tokyo-based label's track pants and reconstructed shirts becoming a staple within the contemporary luxury streetwear set. Presenting their AW19 collection, Needles showcase exactly why they have become the perfect brand for streetwear fans and eccentric dressers alike.

Tapping a '70s sensibility with a plethora of wild prints and vibrant hues, tie-dye, paint splatters and animal prints combine with preppy oversized argyle knits, classic tracksuits and varsity style garments. This all-encompassing homage Americana of bygone years celebrates the versatility of former American favourites, remodelling them with their signature Japanese sensibility and an astounding attention to detail. Covered with a flutter of the brand's instantly recognisable butterfly logo, the papillon, Needles take their designs further to the edge of normalcy, and choose to dip their toes in the water of the strange and unusual. An ode to the 1973 film of the same name, Needles' motif firmly roots the brand within the era.

Offering a seamless method of introducing the uncompromising into your rotation while maintaining the wearability of classic casual garments, Needles expertly negotiate the avant-garde with their AW19 collection, online now at END.