Simplicity is Bliss with MALIN+GOETZ

Sitting down with Andrew Goetz, END. discuss the importance of simple skincare and demystifying grooming products.

MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
For many, the field of cosmetics and skincare is a difficult one to navigate. Overrun with a seemingly endless array of multi-step programs for every skin type, it is easy to see why whittling down the competition to find your appropriate routine can be a somewhat daunting task.

MALIN+GOETZ look to solve that problem.

In 2004, Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz had felt a similar level of dissatisfaction with the current state of skin care products and practices. Founding MALIN+GOETZ as business partners, as well as partners in life, the couple sought to create uncomplicated luxury skincare, fragrances and candles from a variety of natural ingredients using advanced technologies, wrapped up in a striking minimalist design that reflected their modus operandi. Specifically designed and formulated for sensitive skin, MALIN+GOETZ looked back to traditional apothecaries for inspiration, enhancing the performance of ingredients that were commonly used to create a range of products that are gentle on the skin but effective for all skin types and genders.

With a history in beauty and design respectively, MALIN+GOETZ looked to cultivate a unique presence in the world of cosmetics. Breaking free from the multi-step programs and offering an efficient and effective two-step routine for all skin types, Matthew and Andrew have built a brand that truly stands apart from its competitors. With a keen eye for detail, a dedication to never testing on animals and a goal of un-complicating your regimen, MALIN + GOETZ offer products and an outlook that seeks to demystify the skincare world and present a clear and concise way to better, clearer skin.

Sitting down with Andrew Goetz, END. interview the brand's co-founder to discuss their skincare philosophy, their preferred homebound skincare routine and the ultimate benefits simple skincare practices can have on your life.

MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
Your backgrounds are from design and beauty respectively – what was it that instigated your decision to start the brand back in 2004?

I come from a very entrepreneurial family, and had always had the idea of starting my own business in the back of my head.  I’d been working at Vitra for around a decade when Kiehl’s was sold to L’Oréal – where Matthew had been working.  I thought there was a real opportunity to create a modern, not to mention minimalized beauty concept; from a design, formula and protocol perspective. So the idea of combining Matthew’s world of Beauty and Grooming, and my experience in the design world sounded like a terrific opportunity. Afterall, no one was doing that in the Beauty or Grooming world – and I thought it would be really fun to do something together as a couple.

How have your backgrounds informed the brand over the past 16 years?

We both brought incredibly distinct skills to the table – or maybe I should say the counter.  Matthew is the doyen of everything beauty and grooming, and I had a tremendous amount of experience from the creative sphere.  Fusing our worlds together was a near perfect formula for MALIN+GOETZ.  Not only do we look at everything from a professional eye, but from our personal eye as well.  It definitely makes for a unique business perspective.

MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
It seemed like a no brainer to create a brand that was tailored, edited and curated; that eliminated all of the hype and redundancies.
MALIN+GOETZ is founded on a concept of simplicity and efficacy – what compelled you to streamline the skincare process?

When we launched the brand in 2004, no one had remotely contemplated a minimalist concept.  In fact, the opposite was true; it was always about more is more.  I remember visiting Matthew at his various beauty jobs, and thinking how incredibly baroque the aesthetics and atmosphere was – too many choices, too many products, so much intimidation.  It seemed like a no brainer to create a brand that was tailored, edited and curated; that eliminated all of the hype and redundancies.  All those products being offered was a clear path to irritating your skin; not to mention your sensibilities. Less is more, it’s also better! 

Why do you think that there has been a gap in the market for this form of skincare?

Our joke is always that we want to sell you less skincare…but better skincare.  That’s not how the big corporate companies think.  They want to sell you more products, more steps, more packaging.  They think in terms of volume; do step one, then step two, then step three – then you complain your skin is irritated, so they offer other products to soothe the irritation that they may have created.

MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
Championing a two-step skincare routine, MALIN+GOETZ offer a quick and straight forward way to introduce skincare into busy lives. Could you explain the benefits of the streamlined routine?

There are many benefits to a paired down approach to taking care of your skin.  As I mentioned above, you are less likely to create irritation when you edit yourself down to a great face cleanser (Grapefruit Face Cleanser) and great face moisturiser (Vitamin E Face Moisturiser).  We make skincare for your face, body and your hair.  Not only is this a much healthier approach to taking care of your skin, but it also saves a ton of time.  You shouldn’t need to spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready to get out the door to go to work.  After all, time is the greatest luxury of all.  And then there is aesthetic benefit.  Our products have won numerous design awards, so it goes without saying they will look terrific in your bathroom.  And you don’t need a ton of them, so they won’t clutter up valuable real estate.

MALIN+GOETZ products are all fundamentally designed for sensitive skin yet benefit everyone. How do you achieve this balance that is good for all skin types?

We use the finest and highest quality gentle (yet efficacious) ingredients that we can find in our formulas. We don’t include anything unnecessary in our skincare formulas – like artificial fragrance, which can often cause irritation.  Matthew suffers from a number of skin ailments – so we literally formulated everything around his sensitivities. I, on the other hand, have much more resilient skin.  All our cleansers are based on an amino-acid technology, which makes them very hydrating, and all our moisturisers are based on a fatty-acid technology which allows them to absorb really quickly without any greasy residue.  Of course all our products are PH balanced as well.  The appropriately formulated product will work on most skin types; assuming you don’t have a dermatological condition.

Your products are made from natural ingredients – how important is it to remain natural when creating new skincare products?

Mother Nature does things very well, and human ingenuity and science does as well; both are incredibly important to us. By combining these two types of ingredients, we are able to offer the best of both mother nature and science.  100% natural is not necessarily 100% better – poison ivy is also 100% natural.  What is most important to us is making a great product that is gentle and safe, and does what it says it’s going to do.  

MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview
You shouldn’t need to spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready to get out the door to go to work. After all, time is the greatest luxury of all.
What are your preferred at home skincare routines?

Both Matthew and I share the same basic skin care routines – even though we have different skin types.  It comes down to a great cleanser and moisturiser for you face, body and hair.  Specifically that’s our Grapefruit Face Cleanser followed by our Vitamin E Face Moisturiser.  Eucalyptus Hand & Body Wash followed by our Vitamin B5 Body Moisturiser.  And lastly, don’t forget you scalp is skin too; our Peppermint Shampoo followed by our Cilantro Conditioner. Our routine also includes our Eucalyptus Deodorant, and we mix up our body cleanser with our Bergamot Hand & Body Wash, our Rum Hand & Body Wash, or our Cannabis Hand & Body Wash. 

What are your other favourite items from the MALIN+GOETZ range?

I must mention again our most popular product, our Eucalyptus Deodorant – it’s a must for both of us. A quick swipe of our Eucalyptus Deodorant is all you need, it's aluminium and alcohol free, yet it really works which I suppose explains why it's our #1 best-seller!

What new products should we look out for at MALIN+GOETZ?

Over our 16 years of business, we have kept our assortment to a minimum, creating and adding products that only fill a void. We are really excited to introduce our new resurfacing face serum, an easy-to-use, multitasking, exfoliator and brightening treatment to our focused range of skincare - there is never a wrong time for a gentle, daily use exfoliator, if your skin requires such.

MALIN+GOETZ for END. Interview