Synthesising Nature With Our Legacy

Presenting their pre-Fall collection, Stockholm's finest look to the natural world for inspiration

Our Legacy - SS19

OUR LEGACY Patch Crew Sweat

Synthesising a naturalistic response to menswear codes and conventions, Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén's label, Our Legacy, presents a vision rooted in minimalism for pre-Fall '19.

Founded in 2005, the Stockholm-based label have forged a sophisticated approach to garment design, combining '90s minimalism with a focus on technical and unusual fabrics to deliver cult appeal in spades. Cast in organic shades and neutral tones, the signature Our Legacy attention to detail shines through to present a casual but elegant timelessness.

Blending natural cottons, linens and silks with robust nylons, the Swedish label cultivate a unique sensibility that places importance on fabric, composition and cut. Delivering a fluid form, a low-key aesthetic and an instantly recognisable visual code, Our Legacy continue to offer lived-in garments with character and life. Cropped shirt-jackets, wide-legged trousers and oversized shirts combine to exude a carefree attitude, while esoteric prints detail an obfuscated impression of fading memories. Elevating an outfit without being the centre of attention, Our Legacy detail the perfect way to blend in with true sophistication.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, workwear, military apparel and classic menswear garments, Our Legacy expounds on their core themes to deliver a selection of subtle pieces that would be at home in the city or country. Playing with proportion, the brand continue to quietly present their vision of the future, where man and wilderness co-exist peacefully and clothing is transformed with unusual natural resources.

The Our Legacy pre-Fall '19 collection is now available online at END.