Anglepoise Type 75 Desk Lamp 'Margaret Howell'Green


Taking on a pastel green ‘Seagrass’ shade, the Anglepoise® Type 75™ desk lamp gets an injection of colour from Britain’s finest, Margaret Howell. Proving simplicity and timeless design fit perfectly with apparel and homeware, the two labels promise to fill both domestic and working spaces with rich colour and contemporary style. Lighting up the room with its classic shade in a painted matte finish, the Type 75™ utilises the iconic Anglepoise® constant tension spring technology; promising flexibility and stability that channels the original essence of Anglepoise® heritage.

  • Aluminium Construction
  • Cast Iron Base with Aluminium Cover
  • Matte Paint Finish
  • Chrome-Plated Details
  • Anglepoise® Constant Tension Spring Technology