Andersson Bell Womens

Encouraging experimentation through creative proportions, alluring cut-outs, and eclectic patchwork meets embroidered tees and playful knits. The Andersson Bell women's collection at END. has it all. But first, let's rewind a little!  Seoul-based collective Andersson Bell was founded by designer Dohun Kim, who hit the ground running with his eponymous label in 2014. Marrying the two unexpected worlds of Scandinavian design with Korean street style, embracing individuality, and waving goodbye to gender and cultural norms, the label rose to fame for its truly unique, but not surprisingly eclectic, designs. Quite literally a fusion of two contrasting cultures, the brand name derives from "Anderson," which stands for a typical Swedish last name, and "bell," which represents a Korean temple bell - it's a match made in heaven, or at least we certainly think so! 

Inspired by a trip to Sweden and the stark contrast to the bustling Seoul streetwear scene, Andersonn Bell’s women's collections are a collision of Western culture with a Korean perspective, resulting in styles that are fun, creative, and with unmistakable Scandi sensibilities. Explore the range of Andersonn Bell jeans and women's casual trousers, including hot-on-trend YK2 cargo pants, as well as vibrant sweaters that will not only make you look good but feel good too.  Find harmony within the calm and chaos, the old and the new, and elevate your new-season wardrobe with Andersson Bell womenswear at END.

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