Rick Owens Womens

Raised in Southern California and quickly gaining a die-hard following through hard work and fierce independence, Rick Owens, best-known for his avant-garde designs, pushes the boundaries of conventional dressing.

Founding his own namesake label in the early nineties, Owens dropped out of Otis College of Art and Design, where his now wife, Michèle Lamy, hired him as a patternmaker - soon becoming one of the most influential duos in the industry. Rick Owens women first debuted in LA, moving to France in 2003 with couture-like sophistication after a quick success following the designers first Paris runway show.

Highlighting the Rick Owens early career as a pattern cutter, masterful drapery, and elongated proportions have become a continual feature throughout the collections, influenced by the dark underworld of his imagination. With a gothic-meets-glamour attitude, clothing, homeware and furniture have become a huge part of the house's success today, offering the whole Owens lifestyle, not just dramatically dark unorthodox fashion. While perfectly balancing creativity with a sense of understated cool, Rick Owens’ womenswear collections exude a sense of utilitarian opulence, transpiring into oversized hoodies, asymmetric dresses, dropped-crotch pieces and luxury sneakers - all with a moody colour palette that has dubbed him the ‘The Lord of Darkness’.

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