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Youth in retrospect

First Cut Jean | Mono Runner | Valve Cross Body


Since its inception in 2005, Our Legacy has diligently delivered premium menswear collections imbued with an unmistakably Scandinavian sensibility and a quiet, unassuming charm.

Intentionally devoid of conspicuous details or heavy-handed brand insignia, Our Legacy's product transcends the folly of trend to cement the label's position as an international purveyor of timeless style essentials.

Evoking a persistent sense of euro-centric 90s nostalgia - a running theme throughout Our Legacy's collections - the Swedish imprint has drawn inspiration from the tentative optimism and inescapable awkwardness of adolescence for its SS18 collection.

In a world obsessed with digital connections and experience, Our Legacy delivers a refreshingly 'unplugged' interpretation of menswear; a welcome respite to the clutter of digital brands vying for social media attention and global press coverage. Sometimes the best way to make a statement is to say little and let the product speak for itself. Our Legacy's understanding of this principle is fundamental to the brand's endurance, consistency and steady rise to reverence on the global stage.

Our Legacy SS18 is now available at END.

writerEuan Smart