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A youth culture phenomenon and icon in the streetwear scene, San Francisco-born designer Heron Preston’s namesake label has been gracing the city streets worldwide since 2017, all thanks to him graduating from Parsons School of Design and moving to the Big Apple back in 2004. 

Heron Preston's career kicked off with him documenting New York’s downtown culture and photos of street style on his personal blog, where he was quickly recognised and offered a publishing deal by the founder of the Morán Morán art gallery. The unmistakable aesthetic of New York continues to set the scene throughout his planet-friendly collections, showcased here at Heron Preston mens fashion at END.

Heron Preston was a long-time collaborator of the late Virgil Abloh, along with other well-known designers and brands such as Nike and Matthew Williams, propelling his fashion expertise and igniting his drive to create his very own Heron Preston streetwear line. As a subtle nod to life on New York streets, expect nothing less than hi-vis detailing, dramatic logos, and uniform-inspired pieces throughout his men’s collections. Oversized hoodies, boxy t-shirts, webbed belts, and sweats have become signatures of the menswear label, all complemented by the coveted orange accents and Стиль logo - not forgetting the obligatory heron bird graphic thrown in once in a while! You might be left wondering what does Стиль mean? Well, it’s a secondary logo, translating to "style" in Russian, born from the idea that he loved Russian culture and paraphernalia, and it has become a coveted status symbol ever since.

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