17 February 2023

A rallying cry to reconnect with why you love the game, adidas Basketball urge you to ‘Remember the Why’ with their Chapter 02 collection.

Refocussing on why athletes love the sports they play, adidas’ celebration of physical pursuits centres around the manta of ‘Remember the Why’. From professional level athletes at the peak of human capability to grass-roots community teams and friendship groups whose passion offers a foundation for the importance of sport, remembering the why drives sport forward with a forward-thinking and progressive attitude.

With their Chapter 02 collection, adidas Basketball looks past the noise, strips away superfluous details to celebrate the pure joy of the game. In order to move forward, adidas Basketball focuses on one simple thing – why you love the game in the first place.

Remembering the why, Samson Agbo, with friends Marina and Myke, is the perfect example of adidas’ approach and attitude to sports. A long-time END. employee and lifetime fan of basketball, Samson’s love for the game transcends poor weather conditions, lack of infrastructure and a football-focussed culture. Shooting hoops come rain or shine, Samson’s love for the hardcourt is rooted in a time-honoured tradition – of meeting with friends to enjoy the sport together.