Stone Island Garment Dyed Nylon Quilted Blazer Navy


Constructed from an incredibly light Nylon shell, the Garment Dyed Nylon Quilted Blazer features a hold host of carefully considered design features. In order to withstand the process of Garment Dyeing which gives it its uniquely deep colour, its genuine down stuffing has been treated and directly injected into the jacket. Evident of the lengths which Stone Island go to to create their innovative fabrics, a special agent is added through dying process which produces an anti-drop finish and helps create otherwise un-achievable shades of colour.

  • 100% Lightweight Nylon Shell
  • Directly Injected Down Stuffing
  • Notched Lapel
  • Three reverse Entry Flap Pockets
  • Branded Button Closure
  • Stud Closed Rear Vent
  • Detachable Arm Badge
  • Style Code: 5915A0254 / V0020