Battenwear Overhang ShortsFloral

CA$225 CA$115

Shinya Hasegawa, a former protegé of Daiki Suzuki and dedicated year-round east coast surfer, brought out his debut Battenwear collection in 2011. A collection inspired by the wave of design in the 1970's that sought to infuse utilitarian performance clothing from the world of surfing and mountain climbing with a sense of style. Hasegawa creates pieces for Battenwear that are highly functional, durable and are have a definite sense of style. With a focus on technologically forward thinking fabrics, every piece is designed to aid those who seek a more active lifestyle and with an eye on quality, every piece is made in the USA.

Designed to be worn in almost any situation, these eye catching shorts feature an all over floral print and a designed with Battenwear's focus on functionality. Two zip closed pockets keep your valuables secure, the two button closed pockets at the rear are cut with rounded cuffs for comfort and the Overhang Shorts are held in place by its own buckle secured belt.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Floral Print
  • Buckle Secured Belt
  • Two Zip Closed Pockets
  • Two Rear Closed Pockets
  • Zip Fly
  • Made in USA