Although Stone Island is renowned for implementing cutting edge fabrics in their design its is in the detailing of the The Stone Island Ventile ‘Ghost’ Jacket that makes this limited edition jacket is unique. Originally pioneered by the RAF, Ventile is an uncoated and unlaminated cotton fabric which provides an unparalleled weatherproof using an ingenious combination of dense weave and swelling properties. This completely natural fabric offers a unique level of comfort as well as being wind proof, highly breathable and very durable, and as a result and has been used in some of the world’s finest outerwear performance military and medical garments.

Ventile has featured in the mainline, Denims and Shadow Project Stone Island ranges in the past but the ‘Ghost’ Jacket takes Stone Island’s fabric technology into unchartered territory. It is the first Stone Island jacket to feature an all white compass logo badge and white branded buttons, showcasing the Sportswear brand at its innovative best.