PUMA have teamed up with the online style barometer that is Hypebeast to create the PUMA x Hypebeast ‘Dim Sum’ Pack. Dim Sum translates as ‘touch the heart’ and is the core of Hong Kong’s culinary culture and local lifestyle, and it is this heart of their native Hong Kong that HB wanted to recreate in their colab, with a unique take on this much-loved food stuff.

The release itself centres around one of PUMA’s most popular silhouettes, the Blaze of Glory, comprising two versions inspired by some of the most popular Dim Sum dishes, a ‘Siu Mai’ Blaze of Glory OG and a ‘Har Gao’ Blaze of Glory LTWT. “Seeing as this was a release themed around our city, food itself is a huge part of the local Hong Kong landscape,” said Eugene Kan, Hypebeast’s Managerial Editor. “I’ve been really interested in the conceptualization and execution of food, as well as its importance within culture. Dim Sum in itself is such an institution, it was a no brainer to pick it! It was only fitting that we set about trying to apply these inspirations to footwear.”

The PUMA x HB ‘Siu Mai’ Blaze of Glory OG is outfitted in a luxurious yellow leather and suede upper, referencing the yellow wrap of Siu Mai dumplings. The shoe is highlighted by a cushionCELL midsole in white and rounded out by a neoprene boot for fit and comfort. The PUMA x HB ‘Har Gao’ Blaze of Glory LTWT is light in weight and more flexible than the OG with a PUMA FAAS 250 midsole, and features a minimalistic upper with a unique translucent shrimp camouflage pattern. Each pair of sneakers is made to be available in a dust bag that mimics the motif of a bamboo steamer, similar in style to the basket Dim Sum is generally served in.

The Puma x Hypebeast ‘Dim Sum’ Pack will launch at 00:01 BST on May 17th – for further details please email info@endclothing.co.uk or call +44 191 231 3983.