Regardless of how many times it has been said, it deserves to be repeated. Nigel Cabourn’s unwavering devotion to classic design, heritage materials and his refusal to go along with passing trends has led him to produce some of the most authentic, honest and original pieces of clothing we have ever seen. And were not just saying that because he’s a local.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection from Nigel contains a selection of new pieces and reworked iterations of some of his classic designs. All of the pieces in this collection are constructed to an incredible standard, feature his unparalleled eye for original details and make use of some truly exceptional materials.

The 2013 collection proves that his expertise extends far beyond original military apparel, with a number of pieces inspired by designs from the history of British sportswear. The Cricket Oxford Blazer, made in England from 100% cotton, would not look out of place at Lords in the 1920’s, due to its traditional tailored detailing, classic fit and authentic styling.

As with any Cabourn collection however, there are a number of Military inspired pieces that owe their existence to his personal collection of over 4000 original vintage pieces. The highlights of the collection for us here at End are those which are constructed from authentic Ventile cotton. For these pieces Nigel uses the same producers of this incredible material who produced the same material it for the military in WWII. The exact same material that is credited for saving the lives of 80% of anti-submarine pilots that were shot down because of its durability, functionality and build quality. The SS13 collection see’s Cabourn Classic’s such as the Camerman, Aircraft and Rangoon jackets and a brand new smock for this season produced in this exceptional fabric.

In celebration of this collection, we have put together our own lookbook with some of our favourite pieces and to shop the whole collection, head over to the Nigel Cabourn section of End.