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visvim Spring/Summer ’16 Lookbook.+

visvim have us counting down the days until the summer.

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Take a Look Inside visvim’s FW16 Showroom in Paris+

Interior is the most important element when it comes to the Visvim Paris Showroom.

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Visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura Takes You Inside His Vintage Life.+

Old West Native American culture and simplicity as well as American workwear have all been pulled together to make Visvim...

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Japanese imprint Visvim continues its drop of their latest Autumn/Winter ‘15 footwear collection., Releasing two new models today here at...

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VISVIM Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection+

With an unwavering focus upon craftsmanship and a rigorous consideration for materials, VISVIM has quite rightly become one of the...

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visvim – ‘Dissertation on revealing the practice’+

Having developed into a traditional yet rather unique method of communicating his thoughts and opinions on the upcoming season, visvim...

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VISVIM Autumn/Winter 2015 Lookbook – ‘Dissertation on Revealing the Practice’+

Acting somewhat as a visual soundtrack to designer Hiroki Nakamura’s globetrotting experiences throughout the season, VISVIM present their lookbook for...

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visvim Autumn/Winter 2015 Footwear+

Comprising of three distinctive models, the latest footwear drop from cult Japanese label, visvim, is a demonstration of fine craftsmanship...

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visvim – Product Introspection: ‘Handwork’+

Aiming to eschew the antonymous nature of mass produced products, Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura takes a unique standpoint whenever he...

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visvim Spring/Summer 2015 – Drop Two+

Following on from the Japanese brand's initial drop, visvim present a second selection of well-appointed apparel, finely crafted footwear and...

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visvim Spring Summer 2015 Collection+

Known for his love of all things Americana and revered for his unparalleled workwear-infused designs, visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura presents...

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Hiroki Nakamura of visvim talks to Business of Fashion.+

Firmly installed into the zeitgeist of menswear, Hiroshi Nakamura's visvim label is the very definition of a cult brand. His...

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visvim Spring/Summer 2015 “Dissertation on Product Individuality” Lookbook+

Soaking up a myriad of influences from idyllic Americana ranging from collegiate Take Ivy sportswear, military-informed outerwear and laid-back Hawaiian...

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VISVIM A/W’14 ‘A Dissertation on Patina’ – Final Drop+

Encompassing designer Hiroshi Nakamura's interest in the concept of 'patina', Japanese-brand VISVIM drop the final instalment from their Autumn/Winter 2014...

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Six Stories of GORE-TEX: Hiroki Nakamura of VISVIM+

riginally launching with a footwear line in 2000, VISVIM head-honcho Hiroki Nakamura has continued to expand the brand by offering...

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Visvim AW14 ‘Dissertation on ‘Patina” – Online Now+

'Dissertation on 'Patina', the title of the AW14 collection from Visvim, takes its name from designer Hiroki Nakamura's relationship with...

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visvim Autumn/Winter 2014 Lookbook+

One of the most highly anticipated drops of the year, visvim always garners worthy attention for its unique urban-folk aesthetic...

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VISVIM – The Latest Spring/Summer 2014 Drop+

The latest from Visvim is now online here at END., with two new versions of two of their best loved...

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Visvim – Brand in Focus+

A true Auteur, Visvim designer Hiroki Nakamura’s creative vision shines through in everything the storied Japanese brand does, thanks in...

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VISVIM AW13 – ‘Dissertation on a man with no country’+

‘Dissertation on a man with no country’, the title of the AW13 collection from Visvim sums up the themes of...

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VISVIM – SS/13 Drop 2+

Hiroki Nakamura is a man who has very little interest in the perfect products that can be produced through modern...

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Visvim – Autumn/Winter 2012+

Hiroki Nakamura’s Visvim return to End with the first delivery from their highly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. As ever, the...

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Visvim Summer 2012 Back Packs+

Visvim originally forged their name as manufacturers of cutting-edge footwear that combined traditional techniques with modern processes in a way...

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Visvim Lamina 22L Picaro Rucksack+

The latest piece from Hiroki Nakamura's uber-label Visvim keeps up the brand's ethic of focusing on craftsmanship, choice of materials...

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